MK-106 Facial Care SPA 臉部美容SPA專用洗臉清潔

MK-106 面部護理SPA水龍頭過濾器

高輸出水量脫氯臉部護理 SPA 過濾器套裝。 過濾器包括 NSF-KDF 55 和 NSF-Calcium Sulfite。



✔ 體感熱水熱水(42 攝氏度/攝氏度)和冷水中的最高過濾水接觸溫度。

✔ABS 塑料外殼、NSF-KDF 55 和 NSF-亞硫酸鈣。

✔2級過濾系統最高可過濾 9,000 加侖水,可使用約 7 至 9 個月(取決於當地水質)


✔ABS 塑料外殼、過濾器 NSF-KDF 55 和 NSF-亞硫酸鈣。 它還帶有一個適合水龍頭的水龍頭配件。 易於安裝。 不需要特殊工具。

✔冷熱水(最高 42 度/攝氏度)。

MK-106 Facial care SPA faucet filter

High output dechlorinating facial care SPA filter set. Filter include NSF-KDF 55 and NSF-Calcium Sulfite.

*Chlorine Removal technology consists of remove “Chlorine”, and unpleasant taste from the water instantly.

✔Feel the deep clean and smooth facial touch, after the “Facial SPA” care for your facial skin.

✔Maximum filtration water contact temperature in hot water (42 Degrees/ Celsius), and cold water.

✔ABS plastic housing, NSF-KDF 55 and NSF-Calcium Sulfite.

✔The “2-STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM” Could filtration for 9,000 gallons water, and use 7 to 9 months (depending on local water quality)

✔Remove the chlorine in the water from your facial spa water and enjoy a healthy and odorless facial treatment SPA.

✔ABS plastic housing, filter NSF-KDF 55 and NSF-calcium sulfite. It also comes with a faucet fitting to fit the faucet. Easy to install. No special tools are required.

✔cold and hot water (Max 42 degrees/ Celsius).