XL-8400 UV 專業商用水質處理系統 Professional Water Treatment System for Busniss

XL-8400 UV專業商用水質處理系統

XL-8400 專業商用水處理系統,通過塑膠工業技術發展中心,以 "NSF"的最嚴苛的條件及規範檢測方式, 通過測試,在競爭品牌對手中,取得最高最優良數據, 是目前市場式的同型機器中, 最穩定, 最安全, 最節省能源, 最可靠的專業商用級別機型,並榮獲連鎖商店公司認可並選用.已在台灣超過2,000個商家門市安裝和使用中。

*TDS水質調節,自動警報通知。 (本產品已透過台灣發明專利,專利號第1507364號,適合在台灣使用。)


2.進水口內建自動開關電子開關。 斷水後,機器立即停止馬達運轉,並自動關閉進水電磁閥。 這種方法是將水壓降低到正常大氣壓力,以保護電機,因此不存在電機過熱和漏水的問題。

3.機器內建電子自動漏水斷電感測器,控制指揮電磁閥。 當偵測到感測器設定位置出現微量漏水時,機器立即切斷電源,並自動關閉進水電磁閥。 這種方法是從管內將水壓降低到正常大氣壓力,因此不存在漏水的問題。



外殼:XL-8400系列外殼。 (經 NSF International 根據 ANSI / NSF 標準 42.58 測試和認證)(紙箱尺寸:71.5 x 37 x 44.5 mm)
數量:1 套 XL-8400 series 系列外殼,附塗漆金屬框架。
定額電壓 : 110V60Hz
消耗功率 : 60W
總數量尺寸:高29.5/cm x 寬29.5/cm x 長63.5/cm


XL-8400 UV professional commercial water quality treatment system

The XL-8400 professional commercial water treatment system has passed the Plastics Industry Technology Development Center and passed the test under the most stringent conditions and standardized testing methods of "NSF". It has achieved the highest and best data among competing brands. It is currently the market type. Among the same type of machines, it is the most stable, safest, most energy-saving and most reliable professional commercial grade model, and has been recognized and selected by chain store companies. It has been installed and used in more than 2,000 merchant stores in Taiwan.

Option equipment
Customize products, according to customer demand, and product features:
*TDS water quality display, measurement display
*TDS water quality adjustment, automatic alert notifications. (This product has been adopted in Taiwan invention patent, patent number, the first No. 1 507 364, suitable for use in Taiwan.)
*Optional: High pressure storage water tank (100 liters tank), depending on the amount of water use, to configuration several number of high pressure storage water tank in need.

1. The water inlet side of the stainless steel water tube, built with resistant to high water pressure, and prevent hardening to leakage.

2. The water inlet, built with an on/off electronic switch. When the water has been cut off, the machine will stop the motor running immediately, and close the water inlet solenoid valve automatically. This method is to reduce the water pressure to the normal atmospheric pressure, to protect the motor, so it has no motor over heated and water leakage concerned.

3. The machine is built with an electronic automatic water leakage power off sensor that controls and directs the solenoid valve. When it detects micro-leakage in the sensor setting location, the machine would immediately cut off the power, and close the water inlet solenoid valve automatically. This method is to reduce the water pressure to the normal atmospheric pressure from inside the tube, so it has no water leakage concern.

4.Stainless steel housing UV germicidal lamp

100 liters stored directly pressure tank size: H 80.4cm / L 43.0 cm / W 12.9 cm

MK-8400 series housing with painted metal frame.
Shell: MK-8221 series shell. (Tested and certified by NSF International to ANSI/NSF Standard 42.58) (Carton dimensions: 71.5 x 37 x 44.5 mm)
Quantity: 1 set of MK-8221 series enclosures with painted metal frame.
Maximum working pressure: 100psi or less
Rated voltage: 110V60Hz
Power consumption: 60W
Total quantity dimensions: height 29.5/cm x width 29.5/cm x length 63.5/cm
Net weight: 17.2/kg (excluding filter material)

Warning ⚠️ Please boil before drinking water