MK-102 Kitchen Clean Kit 廚房蔬果清洗專用

MK-102水龍頭過濾器 淨化器 廚房蔬果清洗專用

高輸出除氯過濾器組。 過濾器包括 NSF-KDF 55 和 NSF-Calcium Sulfite。


✔確保在體感熱水(最高 42 攝氏度/攝氏度)和冷水中進行最大程度的過濾。

✔ABS 塑料外殼、NSF-KDF 55 和 NSF-亞硫酸鈣。

✔ 易於安裝,無需工具。 通用連接適用於大多數水龍頭類型。 無需工具

✔ 2 級 PP過濾系統,覆蓋 PP 過濾器。 PP過濾器可以去除懸浮物。 當水變成小流量時,就該更換了。 2. 2 級 PP過濾系統可過濾最高9,000加侖的水,並使用約7至9個月(視當地水質而定)

Faucet Filter Purifier Kitchen Household

High output dechlorinating filter set. Filter include NSF-KDF 55 and NSF-Calcium Sulfite.

*Chlorine Removal technology consists of remove “Chlorine”, suspended solids, and unpleasant taste from the water instantly.

✔Ensure maximum filtration in hot (Max 42 Degrees/ Celsius), and cold water.

✔ABS plastic housing, NSF-KDF 55 and NSF-Calcium Sulfite.

✔Easy Installation, No tools required. Universal connections work with most of all faucet types. No tools required

✔2-STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM, COVER WITH THE PP FILTER. The PP filter could remove suspended solids. When the water is turn in small flow, then it is time for replacement. 2. The “2-STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM” Could filtration for 9,000 gallons water, and use 7 to 9 months (depending on local water quality)