D400CC AI控制直接出水 純水RO機 *商檢局認證*

*全新機型* D400CC AI控制直接出水RO機

D400C AI控制直接出水RO機(外殼顏色以實際產品為主) *已通過商檢局認證*

專業咖啡機使用,高輸出直接供水,最高可同時提供兩台咖啡機同時使用(需同時搭配儲水桶). 供水1000cc/ 1min/ 20psi。









⚠️警告 ! 喝水前請先煮沸⚠️

***New model***XL-8100

Used by professional coffee machines, high output direct water supply, can provide up to two coffee machines for use at the same time (need to be equipped with a water storage bucket at the same time). The water supply is about 1000cc/1m.


*Can be customized according to the customer's "total dissolved solids" content requirements.

*LCD screen displays the quality of filtered water in real time.

*AI automatic flushing adjustment increases filter life.

*Automatic power-off system due to leakage and equipped with light alarm function.

*TDS water quality real-time data display.

*AI measurement updates filter heart life.

*This product has passed the Taiwan invention patent, patent number 1507364

⚠️Counterfeiting must be investigated ⚠️

⚠️Warning, please boil water before drinking⚠️

House Kitchen use, PH7.0, water softening system, softening water directly to Kitchen Faucet.

Product features:

*Measurement time setting display.

*Dynamic water flowing display /per minute

*Automatically lights warning functions.

*Measurement renewal filter life, with litter countdown setting display (up to 99500/litter).

Warning ⚠️ Please boil before drinking water