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MAGSTONE Digital Biotech Co., Ltd自1982年以來,專注從事水處理系統的領域至今已在台灣30多年。 已成為臺灣著名的商業和專業水處理系統製造商。

不斷研發和製造完整的水處理系統。我們的產品涵蓋用於飲用水的裝置,及完整配套機器系統和相關之產品,具有安全,環保和節能配件的完整設計產品系統。 我們的信念始終是成為客戶最可靠的供應商,併為所有人提供最好水質調整產品。

Magstone在“水質處理系統”、“小型淨水器”、“噴泉式飲水系統”、“逆滲透(RO)系統”、“商用淨水設備”、“水質過濾調整器”、清潔浴淋浴過濾器和相關產品等方面,擁有絕對廣泛的產品選擇系列。 非常榮幸地,台灣磁礦的水處理系統已獲得連鎖品牌客戶的信任及採用,更榮獲台灣知名的國際便利超商公司等為臺灣的分店指定安裝設備系統之一.

MAGSTONE台灣磁礦數位生技術有限公司是一家專業水質處理工程團隊,致力於調整水質調整機器設備系統等,完全在台灣的製造商。 我們擁有一支由高素質的設計師和專業工程師組成的團隊,研發符合客戶需求的新型設備系統,為客戶提供更環保,節能,省成本,能精確控制營運成本的產品。 我們同時為客戶,提供OEM和ODM全套設計,研發生產等服務。 “Magstone”建造的水處理系統,全部具有最高品質、最可靠、時尚的設計。 憑藉我們真誠的服務,我們已成為臺灣淨水行業的領先公司之一。



About US

Since 1982, MAGSTONE Digital Biotech Co., Ltd has been focusing on the field of water treatment systems in Taiwan for more than 30 years. It has become a well-known commercial and professional water treatment system manufacturer in Taiwan.


Continuously develop and manufacture a complete water treatment system. Our products cover equipment for drinking water, complete supporting machine systems and related products, and a complete design product system with safety, environmental protection and energy-saving accessories. Our belief has always been to become the most reliable supplier for customers and provide everyone with the best water quality adjustment products.


Magstone has an absolutely wide range of product choices in terms of "water treatment system", "small water purifier", "fountain drinking water system", "reverse osmosis (RO) system", "commercial water purification equipment", "water quality filter regulator", cleaning bath and shower filter and related products. Proudly, the water treatment system has been approved, and Taiwan's well-known international convenience supermarket companies have designated installation for every store in Taiwan.


MAGSTONE Taiwan Magnetic Mineral Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional water quality treatment and adjustment machine equipment system manufacturer. We have a team of high-quality designers and engineers to invent new models and provide customers with more environmentally friendly products. We also provide customers with a full set of OEM and ODM design, production and other services. The water treatment systems built by Magstone are all high-quality, reliable and fashionable. With our sincere service, we have become one of the leading companies in Taiwan's water purification industry.

With great passion and confidence, we are willing to move forward with you for mutual benefit and create a better life for the future.